Hoticulture In Shri Muktsar Sahib




Deptt. of Horticulture Punjab came into existence in years 1979-80 after separation from agriculture deptt.. Its main objective is to encourage cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. At present the total area under fruit plants is 61500 Punjab state. Shri Muktsar Sahib was declare district in 1995. In this district 6426 hec. area is under  fruit cultivation out of which 5074 hec. area is under Kinnow orchards. The total production of fruits in this district is 110314 metric ton. In the year 2009-10.  405  hec. area is brought under new orchards.

Office setup of this Deptt. in the district is as under:-

Sr. No.

District/Block level

Office Bearer

No. of Post



Asstt. Director Horticulture




Horticulture Development Officer

1 vacant



Horticulture Development Officer




Horticulture Development Officer



Lambi at Badal

Horticulture Development Officer

1 vacant


GGFN, Srai Naga

Horticulture Development Officer

1 vacant

              In the present Scenario of agriculture the main objective of this department is to improve economic condition of farmers by diversification through Horticulture. This department is running different schemes of Punjab government and Centre government as given below:-

1.      Technical guidance :- This Deptt. provides technical Know How about the cultivation of Horticulture crops(fruits, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms). Technical staff of the Deptt. provides technical knowledge to the farmers from research labs to the field level. Department conduct district level, village level farmer camps tours, seminars  and shows.

2.      Financial Assistance:- This deptt. gives financial assistance for demonstration plots of vegetables Rs. 1000 per plot. To improve the quality of fruits and vegetables thrust points are applied in  the farmer fields with the insistence of Rs. 500 for thrust point.  

3.      Good quality seeds and plants:- Deptt. Provides good quality of seasonal vegetables seeds ( Potato, Okra, Squash, Gourd, Bitter Gourd, etc) to the farmers at reasonable rates. These seeds are produced at the department’s own farms situated at different districts in Punjab. Mushroom/Dhingri seed is also provided at reasonable rates. A good quality true to type plants of different fruits like Kinnow, Guava, Ber, are available to the farmers in  the planting season from department nurseries and registered private nurseries. 

4.      Supply of plastic Crates:- For the marketing of fruits and vegetables in the  far and  away markets, deptt. give plastic crates to the farmers @ of 50% subsidy time to time as availability of budget  from government .

5.      Improvement in quality of fruits:- To improve the quality of grapes new technology is imported from Iserial. With the application of this technology a good quality of grapes can be produced with big size and high TSS. Deptt. give financial assistances of Rs. 3500 per acre every year.

6.      Loans :- Deptt. Helps farmers to provide them loans from various banks for planting of new orchards of Grapes and Vermi Compost Units etc.

           Some Centrally Sponsored Schemes are running by the department like National Horticulture Mission :-    During the financial year 2005-06 National Horticulture Mission (NHM) was implemented in Punjab to promote holistic growth of the horticulture sector covering fruit, vegetables, root & tuber crops, mushroom, spices, flowers and aromatic plants. This is centrally sponsored scheme in which Government of India shall provide 100% assistance to the State Mission during the 10th Plan and during the XI Plan; the Government of India assistance will be 85% with 15% contribution by the State Governments. Norms of

Assistance for Programmes Under NHM

S. No.


Estimated Cost

Proposed assistance


Establishment of new gardens (ha.)



Rs. 30,000/ha 

75% of cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 22,500/ha limited to 4 ha per beneficiary in three installments of 50:20:30 subject to survival rate of  75% in 2nd year and 90% in 3rd year.


ii)Spices, Aromatic Plants

Rs.15,000/ha (average)

75% of cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 11,250/ha limited to 4 ha per beneficiary



Rs. 30,000/ha (average)

50% of the cost @ Rs. 15,000/ha limited to 2 ha per beneficiary


Creation of water resources sources


Community tanks on farm ponds on farm water reservoirs -(No.) with use of plastics.

Rs. 10.00 lakh/unit

100% of cost subject to a maximum of Rs.10 lakh /unit of 10 Ha.


Organic Farming


 Vermi-compost units

Rs. 60,000/unit

50% of cost subject to a maximum of Rs.30000/unit


Pollination support through beekeeping

Rs. 1600 per colony with hive

50% of the cost subject to maximum of Rs.800/ colony with beehive.


 Protected cultivation (Green house,Mulching,Shade Net,Plastic Tunnels), POST HARVEST MANAGEMENT AND PROCESSING & VALUE ADDITION ETC.

         For technical guidance’s and more information about horticulture crops may contact at the office of Assistance Director Horticulture, Ranjit Avenew, Gali No. 3, Near bus stand  Shri Muktsar Sahib / Block level Offices.